AAMI Green Slip – Faster and Cheaper CTP

AAMI  CTP Green Slip

This insurer provides CTP Green slip in NSW and ACT.  AAMI has a lot of customers who are satisfied with the cost and the claim process of the Green Slip Insurance. There are also customers who are disappointed with the company. Well find out everything about AAMI CTP here and decide what you think of this.
AAMI Green Slip NSW

Benefits of Choosing AAMI Green Slip

Online Quotes: Provided
Ease of Purchase Phone: You will be always answered by a real person. AAMI does not believe in automated phone calls. Very good Experience.
Terms and Conditions: Very clear terms and Conditions
Faster Green Slips: AAMI is well known for providing faster Green Slips.
Claims: Easy Claims

Drawbacks of Choosing AAMI CTP

At Fault Driver Cover: Not Included in AAMI CTP
In Person Purchase: You can only purchase green slip online or over the phone. AAMI does not sell Green Slips through agents.
Multi-Policy Discounts: Not offered.
Customer service: Not Very Good

How to purchase this Green Slip?

There are two ways to purchase an AAMI CTP insurance policy. Most of the customers choose the Online option to get AAMI Green Slip.
  1. Online: The Most Preferred way to purchase AAMI Green Slip. To get CTP Online visit this website. AAMI has a very good online customer experience. 
  2. Phone: Contact AAMI on 13 22 44 to get CTP. You will be answered by a real person. You can clear all your doubts before purchasing your policy.
AAMI does not sell green Slip policies through agents or brokers. This is probably to make the process fast and fraud-proof.

Common questions about AAMI Green Slip

How to choose the right Green slip Insurance policy may sometimes seem confusing. In Australia, there are five options in front of you, and choosing the best one for you may be a little tricky. Here are some answers that can help you in selecting AAMI as your Green Slip insurer.
What do I need when buying AAMI CTP?
You need your billing number and Plate number to buy a Green Slip. This info will be used to retrieve all the other required details from RMS.
How to Purchase Green Slip for new registration?
For a new registration, you need VIN or Chassis Number and NSW Photocard Number, NSW Driver on Rider License
How to Claim?
Claim Over the Phone: You can call on 13 22 44 to claim. Make sure to call between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday.
By Email: Please complete your MANF form and send it to actctpiclaims@aami.com.au
 How to Contact AAMI?
You can contact AAMI 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays and 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Saturdays.
AAMI Contact Details
For Contact
For Green slip Insurance Australia 13 22 44
For Green slip Insurance Overseas +61 3 8520 1300
For Green slip Insurance Fraud 1300 881 725

Editors Review: AAMI CTP Insurance

While AAMI is known for providing quick CTP easily. Recently AAMI faced a number of customer complaints. You can find mixed customer’s reactions to productreview.com.au regarding this insurance company. we would like to make a few points, you can consider them before getting CTP insurance from this company.
  • I am not a big fan of the AAMI Green slip. They do not provide any additional benefits or discounts and their reviews are not satisfactory.
  • If you are new to Green Slips, you should consider other companies like QBE or NRMA, They have a better reputation and you can also purchase Green Slips through their agents and brokers.
  • If you are not very satisfied with them do not renew with AAMI.

About AAMI

AAMI is an insurance provider in Australia. Some of their products are Home insurance, Vehicle insurance, Business insurance, Travel insurance, etc. Australian Associated Motor Insurers Limited or AAMI has its headquarters in Brisbane Australia. This company is one of the subsidiaries of Suncorp Group.
AAMI is very active in Community Initiatives, this insurer has launched few very good initiatives in Australia.
Other Green Slip insurer options you can consider are  QBE Green slip Allianz Green slip, GIO Green slip, NRMA Green slip 

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