CIC Allianz Green Slip – CTP in NSW

CIC Allianz is among one of the six Green Slip insurers of NSW. As you know the Green Slip insurance policy provided by different insurers are not the same. We will discuss everything about CIC Allianz Green Slip insurance so that you could choose the best CTP for you.

Merits of Choosing CIC Allianz

Ease of Purchase in Person: Very good
Phone Experience: Clear automated procedures.
Terms and Conditions: Clearly written terms and conditions.
Multiple Payment Options: This insurer offers multiple payment options.

Demerits of Choosing CIC Allianz

Online Quote or Purchase: You can not get quotes or Green Slip Online.
At fault Driver Cover: CIC Allianz does not offer this benefit.
Information about Agent or Broker: This Insurer does not provide information about Agents or Brokers.
Loyalty Discounts: No Loyalty Discounts

How to Purchase CIC Allianz Green Slip?

There are two ways to get a CIC Allianz Green Slip. Via Phone or through Agents or Brokers. One of the biggest disadvantages is you can not purchase Green Slip Online.
Phone: Contact this insurer on 1300 360 340 between 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM on weekdays and between 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Saturdays. An automated system will guide you.
Agents and Brokers: CIC Allianz sells most of the CTP via its agents. You can go for this option also.

Common Questions about CIC Allinaz Green Slip?

Looking to purchase a Green Slip. We know you have a lot of questions about CIC Allianz Green Slip insurance policy. Here are few commonly asked question asked.
Why don’t you provide Online Quotes?
We are working on this and very soon we will start providing quotes online.
How to notify RMS about new Green Slip Purchase?
CIC Allianz will automatically send all the details to RMS within 60 minutes of successful purchase of Green Slip.
What about Additional discounts?
This insurer currently does not provide any Additional discounts.
How to transfer my Green Slip when I sell my vehicle?
You don’t have to do anything. When you sell your vehicle your CTP Green Slip automatically gets transferred to new owner.
What is different between CIC Allianz Green Slip and other Green Slip Insurers?
Like Green Slips provided by other insurers, we also cover and compensate people injured in any vehicle accident. Some differences could be on pricing, additional benefits, claiming procedures and other benefits.
Editors Review 
CIC Allianz does not have happy customers if we talk about Green slips. They do not provide online quotes or purchase facility. They also do not provide any additional benefits like at Fault Driver Cover or any type of Additional Discounts. however, there are other factors you can consider before choosing CIC Allianz CTP.

  • Compare different insurers by filling the exact required details. In some cases, CIC Allianz could be a cheap option for you.
  •  If you are new to CTP Green Slips you should consider other popular Green Slip insurers.

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