GIO Green Slip – Everything about CTP Insurance NSW

GIO Insurance is among five insurance company which provides CTP Green Slip in Australia. GIO is a leading Insurance provider in Australia. This insurance company is well known for offering several good products in Australia.

Benefits of Choosing GIO CTP

 gio green slip greenslips in nsw

Online Quotes: Available, GIO Offers easy online Quotes.
Additional Benefits: Yes, Driver Cover Plus or At Fault Driver Cover is offered.
Multi-Policy discounts: Yes, GIO offers this type of discount.
Ease of purchase: Very Good Ease of Purchase.
Online Purchase: Easy and Quick online Purchase.

Disadvantages of Choosing GIO CTP

Pricing: In some cases, GIO Green Slips are costlier than others.
Purchasing over Call: User experience not very good.

GIO Green SLIP – FAQ’s

How to Purchase GIO Green Slip?
You can purchase GIO Green Slip Online, over the phone or through agents. Purchasing this policy is very easy and convenient for GIO.
What is not covered?
GIO or any other Green Slip does not cover any property damaged during a road accident.
What types of Vehicles are Excluded from At-Fault Driver Cover?
Vehicles like Motor Bikes and other heavy vehicles greater than 4.5 tonnes are excluded. For more details visit our website.
What details will be asked when I purchase GIO Online?
Registration numbers and billing numbers are the only details you will be asked.
What are Multi-Policy Discounts?
This means you have more than one Insurance policy through GIO Insurance. You get discounts for multiple policies.
What is RMS?
Roads and Maritime Services is a State Government of NSW. RMS is responsible for managing Roads and Waterways.

About GIO Insurance

GIO Insurance has been providing its services for 90 years in Australia. It was founded in 1927 as a Government insurance office. In 1989 it was renamed to GIO Australia. It offers a lot of products like home insurance, car insurance, Travel insurance, Business insurance, and other such insurance.
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