NRMA Green slip – Reasons to buy NRMA CTP

NRMA Green Slip Insurance is a leading CTP insurance company in Australia. There are five different Green slip insurers in Australia. But all the Green slip Policy are not the same. An example is NRMA covers At-fault Driver benefit but Companies like AAMI and QBE do not cover this. There are several factors like ease of purchase, discounts, price, and additional features you need to consider, before purchasing any CTP green slip Insurance.
In this post, we will discuss everything about NRMA green slip Insurance.

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Benefits of Choosing NRMA

At fault Driver Cover:  Covered with a compensation of up to $500,000.
Multi-Policy discounts: You can get good discounts if you buy multiple policies.
Ease of Purchase: You can Purchase green slip on weekdays and on weekends from 7:00 AM to 10 PM.
Online Quotes: You can quote the CTP insurance policy online.
Loyalty discounts: When you renew a green slip with NRMA, you get extra discounts.
Dedicated personal injury claim Staff: With NRMA you don’t need to worry about claims.
Online Purchase: You can buy green slip online.
Multiple payment options: This company provides a lot of payment options like PayPal, Mastercard, and VISA.
A large number of Branches: NRMA has more than 220 branches.

Drawbacks of Choosing NRMA

At Fault Driver Cover: While NRMA green slipcovers this additional benefit, this policy has certain limitations. Some of them is they don’t cover certain vehicles like class 1 passenger vehicles. To know more about this read their policy Here
Terms and Conditions: Buyers may face some problems in understanding the terms and conditions of NRMA green slip.

How to Purchase NRMA Green Slip?

Purchasing Green slips from NRMA is now very convenient. You get 4 different options to purchase CTP Insurance, These options are
Phone: You can call NRMA at 132 132 between 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM. You will be guided by an automated system.
Online: Visit the site to purchase Green slip.
Agents: You can find agents near you on the NRMA website.
Branch: You can visit any nearby branch and purchase this CTP Insurance.

Common Questions about NRMA Green Slip

Choosing a good Green slip insurance policy can be confusing sometimes. Don’t worry we are here to answer every doubt you have about NRMA CTP. To make things easy we have already listed some very common questions about Green slips.
What is covered under this CTP Insurance?
When you go for NRMA green slip you get all the benefits of Green Slip insurance and you also get benefits of At fault driver covers.
What is At Faults Driver Cover?
NRMA Green slip provides this additional feature. Under this cover, the driver responsible for the accident can claim compensation of up to $500,000 for his own bodily injuries.
What is not covered under this CTP Insurance?
Any damage to the third party vehicle, your own vehicle, or to any other property is not compensated under this policy.
What happens to Green Slips when I sell my Vehicle?
When you sell your vehicle that is covered under CTP, Green Slip automatically gets transferred to the new owner.
Where do you provide your services in Australia?
NRMA provides Green slip insurance services in Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, and ACT (Australian Capital Territory). When you purchase a green slip you get policy cover everywhere in Australia.
How to Claim? To claim visit Here and follow the simple procedures. For more information, you can contact 1800 032 220.

Editors Review

At fault driver cover, loyalty discounts and easy claims are some of the best things about NRMA green slip Insurance. Cons are this policy has few hidden terms like it does not cover certain types of vehicles and drivers. For this, you are advised to read policy documents clearly. You may also sometimes face issues with the online user experience. Here are a few points you can consider before choosing the NRMA Green slip.

  • NRMA is actually a good Green slip provider company. If you are new and you don’t want to do much research you can go for this CTP insurance company.
  • If you already are an NRMA Green Slip customer and you have not faced any issues with policy, you can renew your policy with NRMA.

About NRMA Insurance

NRMA Insurance is among the leading insurance company in Australia. This company provides car insurance, home insurance, CTP Insurance, Business Insurance, and several other types of Insurance.
NRMA Insurance was started in the year 1925. In January 2002 this company was renamed to IAG
Limited. However, this company is still known as NRMA insurance to its customers. This company is now 92 years old and has employed more than 15,000 people around the globe.

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    Is nrma greenslip cheaper than the others?

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      Hello Daniel
      NRMA is not considered among the cheap green slip providers. However, it is always advised to calculate Greenslip cost via the Greenslip calculator.

  2. abhi

    NRMA Greenslip is certainly among the best greenslip insurance provider.

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