QBE green slip – Everything You need to Know about CTP

If you own a vehicle at New South Wales or Queensland, greens slip is a very important and obligatory legal document. You need this insurance policy before registration of your vehicle. It compensates and covers injuries and deaths of people in any motor vehicle accident.

There are six insurance companies in Australia that are authorized to provide CTP(Compulsory Third Party) Green Slip Insurance. These companies are QBE,  AAMI, GIO, NRMA, and ALLIANZ. Most of them cover and compensate in a similar way. Each one of them has its own pros and cons. There are a few points you need to consider before choosing an insurance company. We will discuss everything about QBE Green Slip insurance in this post.

QBE Green Slip

When it comes to Green slips QBE is among highly preferred insurance companies in Australia. QBE provides a green slip or CTP in Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia. QBE is a leading insurer in providing car insurance, Green Slip insurance, and travel insurance.

Why Choose QBE Green Slip

There are many good reasons to choose a QBE green slip over others. This most preferred insurance company in Australia offers some very cool features and benefits that other companies don’t. Some of the benefits you get are

  • Increased Discounts: When you renew your insurance policy with QBE, your discount increases.
  • Online Quotes: You can quote or purchase CTP online.
  • Good driver discount: For drivers over 30 years of age.
  • Price: Very Reasonable and competitive CTP Insurance
  • Multiple Payment options: VISA, Diners card, MasterCard

Why not choose QBE Green Slip

In spite of the fact that QBE is Australia’s largest insurance company with a huge number of loyal customers, choosing QBE can have some demerits. Here are some of them you should consider before you go for this company to purchase one of your mandatory legal document green slips.

  • At-Fault Driver Cover: QBE CTP does not cover this.
  • Discounts on other products when you buy CTP: No Discount
  • Ease of purchase in Person: Not Preferred

How to Purchase CTP Green Slip

Like any other policy purchasing, QBE Green Slip is now very easy. You can purchase a CTP insurance policy in three different ways from QBE.
Phone: You can contact QBE on 133 723 between 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM on weekdays and 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Saturday to purchase Green slip. An automated system will guide you to purchase your policy.
Online: QBE has a very good online customer experience. You can visit greenslip.qbe.com to buy insurance online. You can get an online quote and purchase facility.
In-Person: You can also purchase a QBE green slip through agents.

5 Most Common Question about QBE Green Slip

People certainly ask a lot of questions if they buy a green slip for the first time. If you are also new to CTP insurance you should clear all your doubts before you choose an insurer. We have made a list of five very common questions people ask when they purchase Green slip from QBE.

What benefits do I get when I purchase CTP?
When you buy this insurance policy you get benefits from two schemes Lifetime care and support scheme and Third-party insurance scheme.
What happens when I sell my Vehicle?
You don’t need to worry about transferring Green Slip. This insurance policy automatically gets transferred to the new owner of the Vehicle.
What about a discount?
You get good discounts if you have zero/nil driver demerit points. Some discounts are also available when you purchase a policy online. Your discount increases when you renew your insurance policy with QBE.
What is covered by my Green slip insurance Policy?
If you are the responsible driver for the accident, your policy covers all the compensation of deaths and injuries of the third party.
What is not covered under this insurance policy?
It does not cover any vehicle or property damage, your own vehicle. Even it does not cover your own injuries. However, you get some limited benefits under this insurance policy. Like a cover of $5000 for the medical bills.

Editors Review 
Ease of purchase and good driver discounts are among a few things that I like about QBE Insurance. The only demerit I find with this company is no At-fault driver cover. Anyway here are a few points you may consider before choosing QBE green slip.

  • If you are new to green slips you can go for this company to get a green slip cover. Unless you don’t need At-Fault driver cover.
  • If you are already a QBE customer for Green Slip, the Loyalty discount is the reason for why you should renew with this company.
  • If you already have a green slip provided by another insurer there is no real need to switch and try out a new insurance company.

About QBE

QBE Insurance Group Ltd. was founded in October 1886 in Townsville as a North Queensland Insurance company. This company merged with Bankers and Traders insurance company in 1973 and thus QBE was formed.
QBE is now more than 130 years old insurance company. It is the biggest insurance company in Australia offering all types of insurance policies. They now operate in around 38 countries and employ more than 14,550 people.
John Neal is the chief executive officer of this insurance giant. This company is continuously growing globally

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