CTP Benefit: Lifetime care and support Scheme

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Lifetime care and support Scheme is an Insurance scheme for people injured severely during a road accident in NSW. This scheme supports injured both mentally and financially. This ensures they could try and live their life normally.

This scheme is dedicated to people suffering from traumatic injuries. Australian government realized that greenslips alone would not be able to cover all the needs of injured people. Thus, this extra benefit was included in CTP.  This scheme now provides a greater level of support to the injured.

Who gets covered under this scheme?

Lifetime care and support Scheme covers everyone including pedestrian and passenger injured Catastrophically during a motor vehicle accident in NSW, ACT, and Queensland.

  • This scheme was introduced in 2006, but then this insurance scheme compensated only children who were below 16 years. Later some modifications were made in this scheme and now it covers everyone.  Anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident on or after 1st October 2007 will get covered.
  • This scheme also covers the at-fault driver.

What will Lifetime care and support scheme cover?

This scheme will cover and compensate all the Catastrophic bodily injuries. Catastrophic means the injuries that may lead to permanent disabilities for the lifetime.

Some of the injuries listed are Head trauma, Severe burns Multiple bone fracture, Eye injury, Organ damage, Accidental amputation, spinal cord injuries.

Under this scheme, In-home health, disability, and rehabilitation services are provided to the injured. This is done to make injured people feel independent. Organizations like wellways provide In-home services.

Funding and Execution of this scheme

This scheme is mostly a government funded scheme. Medical Care and Injury Services Levy (MCIS Levy) funds Lifetime care and support Scheme in Australia. MCIS Levy is now called as fund levy.

Whenever you purchase a greenslip policy you get the coves of Lifetime care and support Scheme automatically.  A part of your greenslip payment goes to MCIS Levy and in return, it funds all the expenses of an injured.  The expenses may include

  • Ambulance and Hospital cost.
  • Rehabilitation Cost.
  • Home and Vehicle modifications to support the injured cost.
  • Medical Aids
  • Attendant care
You could read more about MCIS Levy or Fund Levy Here.

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