Have you ever Heard of Intelligent Cars?

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Have you ever heard of intelligent cars? Yes, these days cars are getting smarter and intelligent with AI.  AI or artificial intelligence is like developing and creating an artificial brain. With AI we teach cars very similar to teaching students. These cars gradually learn and respond according to their synthetic brains.

The concept of Intelligent cars traditionally applied to car safety systems only. But nowadays intelligent car mean a fully automated car that could do most of the things on their own. It could do a whole lot of things that you could have ever imagined. The cars now has artificial brains and so it could think and react according to situations. These cars are actually very smart and could help us to maintain standards of living. These standards are the perfect combination of security, speed, punctuality, and reliability.

Some of the features of an intelligent car may include advanced car safety systems (self-braking, self-control, anti-theft), total system intelligence, auto insurance renewals(including green slips and pink slips), data collection, speed limit test, auto driving, etc. The list is very big and the reality is most of the things are still in development mode but you will soon find it in reality.

Modern cars equipped with artificial intelligence are still in developing stage. But the concept has already started to create a huge impact on the automobile industry. These impacts are both positive and negative. Some say that it will make our like safe, smart and relaxed. While the others say there are more disadvantages with AI-powered vehicles. Some say that vehicles powered with AI could be very dangerous for both.

Well, a lot of things are yet to be tested. But, according to the experts, these cars will change everything. The future of these types of cars fully depends upon AI technology. We could soon find dream cars that are enough to change our lifestyle like never before.

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