CIC Allianz will no more sell CTP Greenslips

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Yes, you heard it right! now no more Greenslips from CIC Allianz. This insurance company has stopped selling greenslips from 15th January 2019. It will now offer CTP Greenslip of Allianz Insurance company to its customers when they next renew.

This news was announced by Allianz insurance company.

Are CIC Allianz Policies valid after 15th Jan 2019?

You don’t have to worry if you have purchase CTP greenslip from CIC Allianz before 15th Jan 2019. All the policies issued will continue to work in the same way. Also, you will be getting the same benefits as promised in the insurance policy by the insurer.

Your policy will be valid till the end of the registration date. Any claim would also be managed accordingly.

Can I renew my CIC Allianz Greenslip?

Yes, you can. Greenslip is mandatory and you have to ensure you renew it after the registration period ends. The only thing you need to remember is the policy will now be renewed by Allianz insurance company.

will there be any changes?

Prices of greenslip policies will not be the same. This change in rates will be because of the change in premium settings. A customer will now have to provide detailed information while choosing the policy cover.

What are the other options?

If you are looking for new greenslip cover consider other insurers in Australia. Some of the insurers providing greenslips are


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